This article is for beginner vapers who want to discover CBD. But just as much to experienced vapers who want to get up to date on the basic technical aspects of the maryvape.

Even if you are eager to try the CBD, this article will save you time. This by identifying the possibilities and technical limitations of your equipment to approach the CBD on the right foot.

Basics In Choosing A CBD-Compatible Electronic Cigarette

There is no need to have a programmable electronic cigarette with touch screen and as powerful as your microwave for vaping CBD

First, Power Is Not So Important

Unlike an ordinary eiquide, we will avoid using the eliquid CBD to have fun making very large clouds of steam. This approach tends to consume a lot more fuel. This can quickly become very expensive when this fuel is an eliquid CBD.

In fact, we will almost always stay between 8 and 40 watts when vaping. This is of course not a constraint, nor an obligation as such, because a device that rises to 200 watts can naturally also turn 40 Watts. Nevertheless, if you plan to dedicate an electronic cigarette to the CBD, it is not necessarily worth taking an exaggeratedly powerful or expensive vaporiser.

Secondly, the ecigarette flavors used in the majority of CBD liquids are different from what we are used to. For greater realism, these vaping eiquids are based on terpenes (a specific process for extracting natural flavors). In other words, most CBD eliquides are already strong in taste. In general, the flyers find that the flavors are more pleasant on electronic cigarettes of moderate power. And on the “ordinary” tanks. At least more than on the very advanced ecig devices specially designed to increase the taste of the liquid.

However, it is safe to say that other manufacturers will soon be moving out of the premium CBD premium product lines.

Eliquide Container

An eliquide is quite fragile and an eliquid CBD it is even more. Consider that a CBD eliquid is sensitive to contact with air and direct sunlight (UV). And that under these conditions, it will degrade. It’s a long process. Exposed to light and at a temperature of 22 ° C, there is very much a loss of 0.03% / day. Only the tank heats up during use. As a result, this figure must be revised upwards in a context of vaping. It’s not a big deal if the show is a whole day. However, if your eiquid CBD is fairly dosed and he stays more than a week in your tank, the loss of quality will already be felt.

Preserve your CBD liquid

For this reason, it is best for your CBD e-liquid to spend as much time as possible in the bottle. And the least time possible to take light and heat into the tank of your electronic cigarette. It is therefore better to provide a tank of vaping too small, even fill it more often. This is preferable to a large cig reservoir where the CBD is likely to degrade.

This notion can naturally extrapolate to the long-term storage of bottles. If you want to stock up and keep your e-liquid bottles at the CBD in the best conditions, the fridge is your best friend. In a cool, dark environment, a CBD eliquid will keep for almost two years. And this before showing significant signs of weakness. We can certainly extend this duration by storing the bottles in a vacuum packaging.

To recap: your CBD eliquides do not like direct sunlight. Neither prolonged exposure to heat and air. For this reason, opt for ecigarette reservoirs of modest size. Rather than war machines containing 5 ml and more. 2 ml appears as an ideal figure.

PG / VG proportions do not mean the same thing with CBD

The famous ratio PG / VG is unfortunately less and less decisive when it comes to anticipating the viscosity of an e-liquid.

If you already have a good knowledge of the electronic cigarette, this is probably the most important point. The PG / VG levels indicated on the bottles seem excessively fluid (we often find 80/20 or even 100% PG) and yet. It should be kept in mind that this indication concerns only the neutral base before addition of terpenes and CBD. These latter elements will also play a significant role in the final viscosity of the electronic cigarette mixture.

In other words: an 80/20 CBD eliquide will not behave in the same way as an ordinary 80/20 eliquide.

“It makes me a beautiful leg” say those who discover and are still foreign to the notions of viscosity e-liquid. To make it as simple as possible: avoid as much as possible vaping of CBD in ecigarettes and old generation cig tanks. This category includes:

  • All that is fine and that looks like a pen
  • Automatic electronic cigarettes (those that do not have a button to activate for vaping)
  • Electronic cigarettes with non-interchangeable resistance
  • All ecigarettes to pod (small external plastic tank that is filled separately)

Stay away from the items on this list and you will already avoid 80% of the problems. It is not incompatible strictly speaking. However, it is considered that these devices are too restrictive to calmly vapourize the eliquid CBD. And this because of an extremely frequent interview.