Cannabis is composed of 85 cannabinoids *

The two largest of which are THC * (12% to 25%) and CBD (0.1% to 2.9%)

The difference between its two substances is psychoactivity, THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid while CBD is non-psychoactive.

So why ? This is due to the molecules of the substances, to our cannabinoid receptors and to our neuronal pathways.

* THC: THC is the most well-known molecule present in cannabis. She has a psychotropic character.

So why CBD in the electronic cigarette?

What you should know is that CBD is cannabis what nicotine is tobacco, so like nicotine, CBD is extracted to have its benefits and let cannabis its harmful effects.

We can imagine three styles of people who will potentially see the day with the CBD:

  • People who have a view to decreasing or stopping the use of cannabis,
  • People who want to relax or unwind,
  • People who will eat it out of curiosity.
  • People suffering from discomfort or daily pain, anxiety or chronic illness

Unlike his uncle THC and as previously stated, cannabidiol is not a psychoactive substance. Those who seek thrills and hallucinations can immediately go their way.

Effects, there are all full and it’s pretty normal. Our body and brain are endowed with a host of receptors that respond to cannabinoids. In fact, these receptors, already present in our bodies, form what is called in the scientific jargon “the endocannabinoid system”. If it is important to emphasize this first point, it is that cannabinoids act on areas that are already biologically capable of receiving stimuli of this type – unlike other substances such as alcohol that interact with biological functions poor.

It is for this reason that the euphoria of alcohol can not be reached without scoring the liver. It is very far from what he can do, so he does it badly. On the other hand, some cannabinoids, starting with CBD will trigger biological mechanisms to which the body is already accustomed. Many effects will therefore be able to take place well before reaching a dosage not recommended.

After this “short” presentation, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Effects of CBD

The most explicit effect of CBD is an increase in the level of anandamide, one of the main molecules in the feeling of well-being after sport (chocolate works a little in the same way). In other words, it’s close to the feeling you feel after running – without fatigue, of course.

There is an anxiolytic effect (against the effects of stress and anxiety)

It also has an antipsychotic effect (hence its interest in the treatment of schizophrenia and epilepsy.)

  • CBD acts as a mild analgesic (painkiller)
  • Relieves nausea
  • Relieves migraines
  • Relieves inflammation
  • Help against insomnia

How to Vape CBD?

First, you need to buy the best CBD Vape pen, which means you are going to buy an electronic cigarette specifically dedicated to CBD do not take a high-powered electronic cigarette or a high price.

Then an e-liquid vape between 8 and 30 watts because the e-liquid CBD is very strong in aroma, so in conclusion a model of electronic cigarette for “beginner” will do very well.

These electronic cigarettes are ideal for vaping of CBD, simple, not too powerful and no need for a big tank.

After, we will have to be able to differentiate a CBD e-liquid and diluted CBD oil.

A CBD oil is made for oral use whereas what is found in the CBD e-liquid are usually crystals of it.

mixing nicotine and CBD is not a very good idea because nicotine is a stimulant while CBD is relaxing so a very contradictory mixture.

If you have an electronic cigarette with temperature control, it will be even more suitable. This allows you to be more specific about the heating of the molecule which is very unstable. I advise you to use this mode between 160 ° and 180 ° Celsius.

Choose Your CBD Rate!

There are several rates of CBD, it is important to choose well depending on the use you want to make. CBD e-liquids are not drugs and should not be used to treat you, consult your doctor first and ask him for advice!

The feeling of the CBD is different depending on each person, taking into account many criteria, if you already have the habit of consuming cannabinoids or not for example, that’s why there is no general rule. If you are used to consuming edibles then CBD gummies might be the way forward from CBDOilKing.co.uk CBD gummies in UK are a perfect way to get CBD in controlled doses. 

But, depending on the use and your electronic cigarette, it will be necessary to use a dosage of CBD more or less high in your e-liquid.

A low dosage (between 5 and 15mg / ml) will have a slight effect. It is rather suitable for use throughout the day.

An average dosage (between 16 and 30mg / ml) will have a rather strong effect. It will be suitable for vaping sessions rather than for use throughout the day.

A strong dosage (between 31 and 50mg / ml) will have a very powerful effect. To use only occasionally!